Klara the Flying Cow

Hopefully those who read my stories will find Klara a lovable character who often finds herself in precare, but also humerous situations, which often occur through no fault of her own. In Klara the Skating Cow, she manages to open the latch of her barndoor and finds herself in a cold, white and rather magical world. Then after borrowing two pairs of red clogs to keep her hooves warm, she ends up on the frozen canal, with the wind blowing her nearer and nearer the village.

In her new adventure Klara the Flying Cow, Spring has arrived and farmer Groot decides to throw a surprise birthday party for Klara in the meadow behind his farm, and with much enthusiasm, he ends up inviting most of the village. Keeping a secret from Klara was never going to be easy, but with a little help from his nextdoor neighbour farmer Klein, they come up with a clever plan to keep her well away from all the birthday reparations.

On the big day, Farmer Groot can hardly wait to show Klara his surprise. In the meadow a long table reaches almost to the old windmill. Balloons flutter in the wind and the farmers are pleased everything has been finished on time, but they should have known, that anything involving Klara would never go quite to plan. But who could have ever imagined she would end up do something so extraordinary, that it would be talked about for a long time to come! It has been exciting to find my books have been of great interest to people of Dutch heritage living in the USA, Canada, Australia etc, and on a visit to Vancouver Island I was personally able to hand over copies of Klara the Skating Cow to  the Dutch shop in Coomb, where it was warmly welcomed.
Hopefully my new book will also be an enjoyable read for young and old alike. I have been informed that my new book can also be purshased in larger bookstores or ordered through Amazon or from my publisher Austin Macauley.