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Klara the Skating Cow

Farmer Groot often jokes, that Klara his black and white cow is more trouble than she is worth, but he’s really very fond of his good natured cow. Even if she doesn’t always know what’s best for her. Most cows would agree, that it’s no fun being kept inside all Winter, and Klara is no exception. Sometimes life just didn’t seem fair, especially as Hendrik, the farmer’s horse was outside in the meadow, even on the coldest of days.  

One day the thought of fresh air and delicious green grass becomes so enticing, that Klara can no longer resist. With her nose she is able to lift the latch of the barndoor and is able to squeeze through. Outside is a world that is very new to her. A white and rather magical world. After borrowing two pairs of red clogs to keep her hooves warm, Klara ends up on the frozen canal, where her adventure begins.



Linda Frietman

Linda Boddington was born in High Wycombe Buckinghamshire, England. Even at an early age Linda wanted to work with children and was offerded a place at H.R.H Princess Christian’s Nursery Training College in Windsor. Soon after finishing her training, Linda accepted a position with the New Zealand Ambassador in The Hague. A year later the Ambassador and his family were moved to India, but Linda chose to stay in Holland, and worked for The Belgium Cultural attaché in The Hague.

Linda continued working with young children

It was around this time that Linda met her Dutch artist husband and she would soon become Linda Frietman after their marriage in England, and would now live in Holland permantly. After a short break looking after her own family, Linda continued working with young children. Which included many happy years working at The British School in The Hague where she developed her passion for children’s literature. It was also the beginning of her own writing career. Both Linda and her husband have enjoyed travelling, and exploring much of the world, and also her love of animals has been a big inspiration for writing stories and narrative poems.
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