Once a book is published…

Once a book is published it seems to start its own adventure, making its way to destinations the author is often unaware of. To library’s, bookstores, schools and homes, or perhaps waiting somewhere to be offered on-line.

Who is reading my book?  Perhaps children who just like adventures, or those who enjoy animal stories. I would love to take them with Alex, my main character to a world where only animals live and where no human has ever entered. Here different animals help him to become an explorer and discoverer of this exciting new world.                                                                

How an idea developes into a book is a fascinating journey, then to be read by children who you will probably never meet. You often wish you knew how your book is being received and would be interested to hear any feedback. It  came as quite a relief and was  an unexpected pleasure to receive congratulations from Amazon who informed me that Out of this World has been given some great reviews.

Even more remarkable was to receive a hand written letter from David Attenborough, an inspirational man who was able to bring the natural world into our homes and has always encouraged respect and kindness to all living creatures.

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Blog for Out of This World

Out of his World has now been published and is already on sale and can be ordered directly from Austin Macauley, Amazon, Bol.com and several other possiblities are on my website. 

A book aimed at slightly older children than my last two and hopefully an enjoyable read for 9-12 yr olds.                                                                                                                                           

An accident with a dog while cycling to school is the beginning of a weird and wonderful adventure for Alex, the main character. Slowly coming round, he can remember bits of the collision, seeing the dog, trying to brake, then everything going black. He now finds himself sitting in the verge, but also sees himself lifeless in the road and is trying to make sense of how he can be in two places at the same time. Alex is then taken by mistake to the place where animals go when they leave this world. A wondrous unspoilt place, which looks like how Earth must have looked a million years ago. A place where animals wild and tame now live in harmony together. Being a boy, Alex is told he can only stay there until they find the place where he belongs, but in the meantime he begins an adventure where he becomes an explorer and discoverer of this exciting new world.

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